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Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We care about their welfare and make decisions with their best interests in mind, which is why we create technology to make banking simpler for our customers. We want our technology to let customers access banking quickly, easily and safely, and help us stand out from our competitors.

We have a broad spectrum of technology at our fingertips, and we’re working together to be at the forefront of innovation Consumer and technology trends continue to evolve, and so should our IT strategy and priorities to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve and keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. We’re determined to keep offering new technology that simplifies our services, and creates the best possible experience.

Our teams in RBS India design, build, implement and support technology services across the bank. From application builds and testing, to deployment and ongoing IT Infrastructure support, our people’s talent and determination are key to delivering a 24/7 service to our customers.

“I have been instrumental in delivering key technology solutions, which have a direct impact on the ways millions of customers interact with the bank. We want to ensure we provide a service to our customer that’s not just in touch with the times, but also future-ready, and my team plays a critical role here.”

AR, Ramkumar, Technical Lead

Our technology vision sets the direction for how we’ll continue to innovate, transform and improve our technology. In order to fulfil that vision, we need talented people in a number of different types of role. Take a look below to find out more, and meet some of our colleagues.

Our Engineers look at the wider picture, designing and explaining our systems across the entire project lifecycle, from research and design, to training and implementation.

Analysts examine data in any given situation, developing solutions to produce the best results.

Our Software Designers are responsible for designing and implementing crucial systems and programs for our IT infrastructures and networks. This ranges from routine amends, to large-scale analysis.

Our Team Leads take responsibility for overseeing the strategy, design, and the delivery of quality software programs and products. This may include multiple projects, and working with a range of teams.

Our Technical Leads are involved right at the start of any new project - discussing the aims, putting the team together, and creating a critical path. When a project is underway, they provide comprehensive technical support.

Our Project Managers drive individual projects, managing work to defined timelines, and helping us deliver a technology infrastructure which really works for our customers.

Other Technology Roles - As technology is so important to our organisation and the services we offer our customers, we offer a range of technology roles to motivated, skilled people ready to make a difference to RBS and its networks.

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