Our technical leads are involved right from the planning stage of a new project or solution design. They contribute to discussing the goals, assembling a team, and creating a timeline. Once the project is approved, the technical lead starts providing technical support. That could involve creating the underlying architecture, delivering the application design and overseeing component design, while assigning tasks to different members of the team to make sure the project goes smoothly.

As a technical lead, part of your job would be to provide technology support to your teammates to make sure they have the guidance and support they need. This could include offering instruction, referring them to sources, and teaming them with experienced programmers. You’ll also have an important team building and leadership role, and you’re likely to organise social activity, team-building exercises, and other events.

Meet K, Arun

I have been with RBS for 4 and a half years now, and am a Technical Lead in the ATM Solutions team. I feel truly empowered in my role, where I’m given the freedom and encouragement to explore creative solutions in all my projects.

As a subject matter expert, I have complete end-to-end design ownership for some of our ATM systems, a key platform that directly impacts the ways our customers bank with us. Take for instance, the ATM batch changes for a key system upgrade project. The purpose of an ATM batch is to send feeds to the bank’s systems to update our customers’ accounts with various activities, such as cash withdrawal, settlement with external parties such as VISA, MasterCard and reconciliation. My team needed to clone the majority of the ATM batch components to enable parallel runs to support a low risk implementation strategy, that had an impact on about 200 components. I owned the design for changes to the ATM batch, built the implementation strategy and successfully delivered the solution.

I’ve further cemented my expertise in ATM systems by gaining exposure and knowledge of Cryptography, used particularly in customer PIN protection and CHIP card transaction processing. I’ve since applied this knowledge in multiple ways, such as migrating keys that are used to protect PINs, and an option analysis and proof-of-concept to identify a solution to give us robust data integrity for web-based transactions from ATMs using Applets. And I’ve had the chance to work in world-class switching and interface systems.

On a typical day, I like to spend time with my family and play one of the many sports I am passionate about, such as table tennis, tennis, roller-skating and swimming. I cannot survive without the flexible work options at RBS, since I live 50 km away from the office. My work timings vary and are generally aligned with project meetings, so I manage to keep in touch with my interests.


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