Our Team Leads take responsibility for overseeing the planning, detailed design, and delivery of high quality software components and products. An effective Team Lead establishes a clear technical vision with the development team, and works with developers to turn it into reality. Along the way they may need to take on the traits of other key roles – such as a Tech Lead, Architect or Software Engineering Manager – but they remain hands-on with code. They may manage multiple projects at once in some cases, and can work with teams of varying sizes.

Meet Amutha Sujatha

I am a team lead and I’ve been with RBS for over four years. As a mother of two I'm a multi-faceted woman, and I’m as deft at preventing fraud at the bank as I am at cooking up a killer biryani!

My work is exciting and challenging. I work in Information and Data Security, where I enjoy exposure to some of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. RBS recognises how critical it is to stay safe and resilient, and they count on people like me to make good on our investment in technologies that help improve the bank’s security.

I’ve had the opportunity to dip my hands in a multitude of projects. For example, a couple of years ago RBS strengthened its fraud prevention infrastructure, by exploring the implementation of ‘Fraud Rings’. Being highly complex, the product required synthesis of 16 different infrastructure areas. I was involved as an infrastructure manager, delivering the product and testing the infrastructure ahead of time. Being self-motivated by nature, I helped the bank save over £35million by implementing a key strategic fraud solution. I’ve also played a critical role in delivering a much needed, end-to-end testing environment for the bank’s debit card platform in a record time of three months. I regularly work with Big Data to develop proof-of-concept solutions in the cyber security space, helping keep the bank and its customers safe from online threats and risks.

As a working mother with two small kids I truly appreciate the flexi-working policies here, which I believe are more than just theory, but are really put into practice. I’m also a believer in life-long learning, and I find time to pursue other passions, such a masters degree in Psychology which will help me not just in my personal life, but as a professional and leader. The work timings have allowed me to plan and get the most out of my day, unlike the ambiguity in other some other organizations.

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