Meet Vaishnavi

Our software engineers are usually developers who have a specific type of degree, some knowledge of engineering, and are capable of designing a system – in other words, the combination of software components or modules that together form a whole software entity.

As an engineer here we’ll count on your ability to see a wider picture, and your skill at designing and explaining it, and separating it into smaller modules.

You’ll be responsible for the complete lifecycle of a new or modified software product, from research and design to implementation, training and support.

Meet Vaishnavi

I joined RBS after a short career break, but knew right away that I’d made the right decision in coming back. Right from the start, my colleagues kept me motivated and engaged, and helped me regain my confidence. It's no exaggeration to say that RBS is now my home away from home.

As an engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to fix long-standing technical issues. For instance, the Walker General Ledger team, which acts a prime source for producing financial results, runs over 1000 crucial batch jobs every day. These batch jobs generate invoice line reports for the business and we’d been facing accuracy challenges. I volunteered to fix them and successfully implemented the change with no hiccups. In addition, clearing applications is a crucial core system for the bank, with over 3000 batch jobs primarily clearing cheques. For some time a technical glitch in the system prevented the report on rejected transactions from being delivered in a timely manner. Given the key role this report plays in mitigating fraudulent transactions and protecting our customers, I worked hard to come up with a technical solution, and I’m proud to say this solution has been considered as permanent fix by our UK counterparts and SME's.

The one thing that inspires me the most about RBS, is the culture of learning at work. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to understand the big picture, and really get under the skin of why I do what I do. The training programmes are carefully crafted to help technical people build on their knowledge. The Banking Training course helped me gain a thorough understand of the banking domain. Working with colleagues across India and the UK has also given me a unique chance to engage with people of different cities/cultures on a daily basis, giving me a truly global work experience.

Thanks to the flexi-work policy, I continue to pursue my passions outside of work. I’m a self proclaimed 'gymaholic', aspiring Masterchef and movie buff, and find it truly gratifying that I’m able to give my best at my job, while also enjoying my interests outside of work. After all, isn’t that what a full life is all about?

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