Our software designers are responsible for designing and implementing efficient software systems and programs for our computers and computerised systems.

Successful software designers make use of both rudimentary and advanced computer development concepts, usually requiring them to be well-versed in general computer programming.

You could take on a wide range of jobs of different scales, from making slight tweaks to existing programs – such as adding a new data field to established content – to projects which demand advanced large-scale algorithm analysis.

Meet Vikrant Arora

As a technical SME, I’ve been with RBS for about 4 years. I love the flexibility I have to take design decisions, introduce new capabilities and work on new technologies.

I'm proud to have played instrumental roles in a multitude of projects. One that is close to my heart is when I helped establish iPad capability for the bank’s platform, and successfully delivered the prototype in record time! This led to my team winning actual projects for iPad delivery – such as DepositFinder, which enabled our Relationship Managers to record their interactions with customers via iPads or desktops, in real-time. This was a big win for the business, as it was appreciated by all stakeholders. I also played a key role in establishing Agile capability, which was unique for the bank. Having built expertise in this technology, I now lead all its training, and work as a coach for 25 people.

I find the RBS environment very supportive and encouraging, giving me the opportunity to stretch myself. In my time here I’ve worn many hats, including leading the technical team for successful project delivery, vendor management, technical consulting, liaising with multiple stakeholders and other teams. Outside of this, I have been Business Analyst or Project Manager in a couple of projects, and have also completed WCF certification and become a certified Scrum Master, undertaking training on UI principles and best practices. There’s enough time to focus on my personal development, and I can take out time from work to study and upgrade my skills.

Outside work I’m an avid traveller, and I’ve taken advantage of RBS’s leave policy to travel to as many as 20 new destinations, both in India and abroad. In addition, RBS’s flexible working policy has allowed me to be there for my family in times of emergencies.


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