Abhishek Pandey

The RHI Risk Information Services team supports the global team in a team extension model, and is responsible for Risk Data, Controls and Reporting for all risk operations. It also supports credit risk systems, key credit risk processes and controls (such as deal clearance, excess management, annual reviews and watch list). In addition, the team provides risk data and information services, investigates and resolves risk data quality issues, producing credit and market risk portfolio management information, analysis and risk input into regulatory reporting.

Meet Abhishek Pandey

"I’ve been with RBS for eight years. During this time, I’ve worked on various projects critical to keeping the bank and its customers safe.

I was involved in the development of CORT (Credit Operational Reporting Tool), which is used by the credit community for risk reporting. I’ve also participated in risk system releases, where I owned and changed the delivery timeframe from three months to one month, with better delivery and quality. I was also responsible for setting up the Risk Reporting team from scratch. This team now carries 30 people, and caters to reporting risks across all segments of the bank’s all-important client base.

'Opportunities' and 'growth' are two words which come to mind when talking about RBS. You can move vertically as well as expand horizontally. This is a truly performance-driven culture, that rewards people who are willing to push themselves to excellence. I’d say my journey with RBS is a perfect example of the scale of opportunities available to us. I started as a pure technical resource, whose key responsibility was around developing reporting tools. Within five years, I’ve transitioned from the technology space to the business side, where I’m now a user of similar tools. A journey from IT to business is rare in other banks, but RBS promotes this to develop in-house talent.

Since childhood, I’ve been passionate about community work and volunteered with UNICEF and CRY. When I joined the corporate world, that passion took a back seat due to lack of time and erratic schedules, but after joining RBS, I’ve actively involved myself in our community programme DISHA, where I work as volunteer and also drive initiatives like Sponsor-A-Child, where we support education for needy children."

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