Our project managers are responsible for driving individual projects against clearly defined timelines. They play a crucial part in helping us deliver a first class technology infrastructure that serves our customers well.

Meet Piya Sharma

I’m a Test Manager with Technology India, and I’ve been with RBS for eight years. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to wear multiple hats, going from an analyst to managing a team of 60 colleagues.

I’m currently part of a major delivery programme involving teams from the UK and Europe as well as India, helping to build a new technology infrastructure which includes dozens of platforms. The Technology India team is predominantly focussed on the application and development aspects of the programme, and in my role as a System Integration Testing Manager, my key responsibility is to make sure the bank’s BAU systems continue to work while setting up new infrastructure. I see my current role as one of a kind, as it gives me the opportunity to see how banking technology runs from end-to-end, and to play a pivotal role in a global programme, involving over 5000 people. The scale and complexity of what I manage is rather immense, with over 35 platforms participating in system integration testing, 354 applications being tested, and a team of 60 techies.

RBS has equipped me with all the skills I need to be great at my job, be it through technical up-skilling – such as ISTQ certifications – or the guidance and growth I’ve had through working with a diverse set of people with immense knowledge across different geographies.

Thanks to the bank’s flexible working policy, I’ve been able to manage both my personal and professional responsibilities. I often take time to help my mother who lives in the Kumaon belt of Uttarakhand, and is actively involved in voluntary work with the locals, such as teaching English, growing organic produce and knitting. I am grateful I've been able to be there for my family during times of need, and continue to work from the village if required. It's a great feeling to be part of an organization that supports flexi-working and provides tools like RBS Anywhere, so I can work from any device, in any location.


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