Shivani Sekhar

The Performance and Capability team is responsible for developing and maintaining organisational capability for our global teams in India. It provides support, oversight, administration and co-ordination across all verticals within RHI, for the smooth running of the unit, with the aim of creating a culture of excellence through value-added inputs and support to the Head of the Unit and Management Team members. This makes strategic and tactical plans more robust and effective. Key work involves producing required management information, stakeholder and relationship management (both external and internal), driving people-related initiatives, FLOD (risk and compliance assurance), and implementing continuous improvement ideas for the unit.

Meet Shivani Shekher

"I work in RBS as a People Lead. Having joined RHI just five months ago, I’d say my team has been very supportive in bringing me up to speed.

My job is to be a trusted advisor to the senior management and all employees across RHI, focusing on customer satisfaction, increased employee engagement and talent development, leading to strength and sustainability for the Risk business in India. I lead and steer projects that aim to change the work environment at RHI, from good to great. I have worked on the Talent Development Framework, Talent Segmentation, Job and Pay Benchmarking - and all have been a learning opportunity for me.

This role allows me the breadth to participate in initiatives outside my core areas, such as the Diversity and Inclusion initiative, that’s designed to create an inclusive work environment. The work culture here is innovative, encouraging and vibrant. It truly lets me think outside the box. We are encouraged to interact with leaders to foster a dialogue, rather than a top to bottom communication flow.

Thanks to flexible working, the RHI management team endorses and advocates a great culture. My son is three years old, and I have been able to dedicate time to him, my family, and most importantly, find some 'me' time too!"

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