Meet Sandeep Goval

I am a true veteran, with over 25 years' experience at RBS. I’ve become known as a ‘start-up guy', and have been credited with building many teams and organizations from the ground up.

25 years is a long time with a single organisation, but there’s never been a dull moment. I've had many jobs with RBS, from being a beginner to a techie and manager; from ops and system support to production support, software development, project management, and now a leadership role where I head a controls testing team in India. My exposure and experience is rich and diverse, as I’ve set up multiple platforms. For a new decisioning platform, I built an entire team of 110 in India within six months, with expertise in Chordiant, design, etc. The team conducted advanced data analytics of our customers’ requirements, and created products suited to their needs. This saved the bank £1million! I also set up the performance testing centralisation as a service platform – that resulted in a saving of £200k. In my current role in Projects and Testing Controls, my team has tested more than 450 projects in the last six months, including over 8000 change management records.

I'm a true people’s person, and find it very rewarding and satisfying to provide career guidance and advice to my team members. I also take an active interest in the greater good of the organisation, spending my time contributing to organisational initiatives, such as leading the health and wellbeing programme, participating in employee-welfare committees, transportation committees and the fun activities committee.

Family is very important to me, and I use RBS’s flexi-work and leave policy quite effectively to ensure I am able to spend quality time with my wife and kids. The same policies have also stood me in good stead in times of emergencies, allowing me to take two sabbaticals over the years.

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