Milan Dang

The RHI Operational Risk team supports the onshore Operational Risk team in a team extension model, as the independent Second Line of Defence in the RBS risk management model. The team is accountable for owning and developing the risk and control frameworks and tools, which the First Line uses to cover its responsibilities. The Second Line is accountable for overseeing and challenging the First Line on the effective management of its risks. Externally, the role of the Second Line is pivotal from a regulatory perspective, and influences how, for example, the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority assesses and perceives the conduct and risk culture.

Meet Milan Dang

"I monitor risk across our group of corporate entities. I believe my role has a direct impact on how we serve our customers, by establishing a simple, standard and efficient solution-providing system to address the needs of our clients.

At RHI, we’ve consolidated risk monitoring practices for a globally spread client universe and bring in the best practices to provide high-quality risk management. Through this process of consolidation, we’ve also achieved standardization, resulting in efficiencies from process simplification, as well as time-zone benefits.

My journey at RBS has been full of learning experiences, including regular, on-going functional and soft-skills training to develop myself through classroom workshops, VCs, and audio conferences. I joined as Sector Corporate Credit Analyst and was given an opportunity to build and lead a team of Credit Analysts, participating and heading initiatives, including talent creation. More recently, I’ve been entrusted with setting-up the operational risk discipline within RHI. As a team, we’re motivated to participate in various work-streams, with the opportunity to interact and share experiences with cross-functional team members to achieve quick wins.

The culture at RBS is the best part of working here. It’s highly collaborative and customer-focused. We strive to work together and create and apply solutions that are win-win for our clients. My wife and I are blessed with a son, and we find the parenting experience truly satisfying thanks to flexi-working hours."

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