Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity and we’re proud to have embedded a welcoming, inclusive culture where people can be themselves.

Inclusion is about valuing all individuals, giving equal access and opportunity to all, and fighting discrimination and other barriers that might stand in our way. We encourage our employees to recognise, celebrate and respect each other’s differences. We also understand that the diversity of our people better equips us to understand the needs of our customers.

Inclusion sits at heart of every single stage of the employee life cycle, from attraction, recruitment, and development through to leaving the bank.

We’re aiming for our leadership team to be comprised of at least 30% females by 2020 and 50% by 2030. Our blogs demonstrate our commitment to inclusion, and we regularly post on our social channels, Facebook and LinkedIn regarding the great work that we’re doing in diversity and inclusion. This includes our work on gender equality, supporting our colleagues with impairments, and our LGBTQ colleagues.

At RBS, we’re committed to providing equal opportunities that adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, and being inclusive in everything we do at our workplace.

Five of our diversity and inclusion initiatives are:

  • Gender Balanced
  • Disability Smart
  • LGBT Innovative
  • Ethnically Diverse
  • Multi Generations

Find out more about how we’re championing a welcoming and inclusive bank through these initiatives.

A huge amount of our colleagues across RBS India are very active in all these areas. We also have a number of employee-led networks that play an important role in building a fair an inclusive bank.

RBS Women

Launched in 2017, our RBS Women Network encompasses our various gender networks including Focused Women, Women in Technology, Coutts Women’s Network, Compass and Business Women Can.

The network’s aim is to attract, retain and develop talented women, and to support the bank’s aim to have a fully gender balanced workforce by 2030. RBS Women is open to all colleagues regardless of sex or gender identity, and provides high quality personal development training, internal and external networking opportunities, and access to senior leaders and mentoring. We ensure female talent and successes are recognised internally and externally, and promote RBS as an inclusive and attractive place for women to work.

RBS Rainbow Network

The Rainbow Network has been providing insight, education and support to help members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community since it was founded in 2005. We’re run by volunteers, and use our influence to make sure RBS provides the right services to customers, colleagues and communities, while seeking to improve RBS as an employer of choice for LGBT employees and allies.

Hear from Srikant Venkata about the Rainbow Network and how we help support members of the LGBTQ+ community.


We believe that by promoting awareness of disabilities and their impact, we can create a better bank for colleagues, customers and the communities we serve. We're working together to help develop a truly inclusive culture within RBS, one that enables people with all abilities, and those who care for others, to be recognised and valued for their talents.

RBS Multicultural Network

We drive awareness of cultural differences in order to embed behaviours that allow business to be conducted ethically. In doing so we enhance the offerings to the diverse population of our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

We proactively support the recruitment, development and retention of skilled employees from all backgrounds. We also represent all cultures through celebrations, and help to combat any potential barriers impacting us living our values.

Our networks aim to support, inspire, lead, coach, motivate and create opportunities to fulfil employees' potential. They inspire our employees to develop and enhance their skills and build successful careers. Most importantly, they are open to everyone.

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