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Helping you through the recruitment process

We want you to have everything you need to make an informed decision about a career with us. These answers address frequently asked questions about the recruitment process.

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About Vacancies

Q: How do I find a suitable vacancy?

A: Search for a role using the quick search bar on all pages of the website. This will suggest roles based on the job type and/or location that you have entered.

To perform a more detailed search, please visit the job search page where you can filter results by location, job type and brand.

If you see a job you are interested in, take a note of the job reference number as you can use this to search for the job again if you want to apply later. Or email yourself the link so you can go directly to the job from your inbox.

Q: I know where I would like to work, but can't see a way to apply on your website; can I send my CV/resume instead?

A: Yes, absolutely. New jobs are posted daily and you can send us your CV and some information about the role in which you are interested using the Register your interest form. Your details will be added to our database and we will be able to match you to suitable vacancies and contact you about the roles. We do recommend that you keep checking back to the website for new roles when you can.

Q: Where can I discover graduate and internship opportunities?

A: For information on graduate, intern and apprenticeship opportunities, please visit our Early Careers site.

Q: Do you accept requests for work experience?

A: Yes. These should be made to your local branch or office. The decision to grant a work experience placement is at the discretion of the local management, and will be based on whether or not we can meet your requirements.

Q: Who can I speak to about a vacancy advertised on this site?

A: Initially, you just need to apply online. Once you have applied you will receive an acknowledgement of your application. Please check the closing date, as most applications will be reviewed after this date. You can also track the status of your application via the candidate log-in.

Q: What if I cannot find a vacancy in which I'm interested?

A: If you cannot find a suitable position, please send us your CV and some information about the kind of role you are looking for, by completing the Register your interest form. Your CV will be added to our database and we will match you to suitable vacancies. If you are matched to a vacancy we contact you.

Q: If there are no suitable vacancies for me at the moment, can I send you my CV so that I can be considered for future vacancies?

A: New career opportunities are published as soon as they arise. You also have the option to Register your interest and upload your CV/profile so that we can consider you for future opportunities.

Application process

As part of your application, you may have chosen to consent to, and disclose special categories of information about yourself (e.g. racial or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation). If, at any point, you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact us.

Q: Can I apply using a Mobile device?

A: You can apply online using most modern smart phone or tablet devices. For devices that do not fully support local document storage such Apple products running iOS, cloud-storage upload options Dropbox and Google Drive are available.

Q: How do I know my application has been received?

A: When you submit your application you will be taken to a confirmation page. Once your application has been processed you will also receive a confirmation email. Please note, most applications are not reviewed until the closing date has passed.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk/spam folders. If you still can't find it, please contact our support team.

Q: I applied for a job but I haven’t heard anything?

A: We try our best to contact all applicants as soon as possible. Some jobs will receive a large number of job applications, so it will take time to respond to everyone. Normally, applications will not be reviewed until the closing date has been reached to give everyone a fair chance to apply. If you have still not heard anything from our recruitment team within two weeks of the closing date, please contact our support team.

Q: I have made a mistake on my application, can I edit it?

A: If there is an error in the application, please contact the hiring manager or recruiting manager if their name is given on the job description. If not, please email our support team.

Existing employees

Q: I am an existing RBS employee, can I use this website to apply for a role?

A: Current employees should apply via the internal recruitment website which can be found on the HR pages on Insite or here. This website should only be used by existing employees as external applications will be automatically rejected.

Technical issues

Q: What if I am having technical problems with the website?

A: Please contact our support team. Using the template below to give us with as much detail as possible, so we can help resolve your query quickly:

Job reference number: This is the number of the role for which you are applying and can be found at the beginning of the job description. It is usually a 5 or 6 digit number.

Browser and version: You can find out which browser you are using and the version number by selecting 'About' in the web browser menu.

Operating system: This is the platform you are using - Windows 7 or iOS, for example.

Description of error: Describe the difficulty you are having.

Screen-shot: If possible please attach an image of the error. On most PCs this can be done by using the CTRL + Print Scrn option.

Steps to replicate: Please describe the steps you took before the error occurred

Best way to contact you: Email or phone number

Contact information: Email address or phone number

Q: I have uploaded my CV but the information copied across doesn’t look right.

A: Our website uses technology that automatically extracts the information from your CV to complete the relevant sections of the application form. The accuracy of this software is dependent on the format of your CV. Please don't worry if some information has not been transferred correctly. The recruitment team will always review a copy of your actual CV when considering you for the role.

Q: I don’t have a CV, how do I apply for a role?

A: If you do not have a CV, please complete the attached template with as much information as possible. Also have a look at our advice on CV writing to help you create a great CV. If for any reason you are unable to create a CV or have problems applying online please contact our support team with the reference number of the job for which you wish to apply and a member of the recruitment team will help you with your application.

Q: I am trying to complete the online work-style assessment but it won’t launch in my browser.

A: We will ask you to try to launch the work-style assessment in another browser. If you are still having difficulty, please contact our support team. Please use the template below and supply us with as much detail as possible so we can help resolve your query quickly:

Job reference number: This is the number of the role for which you are applying and can be found at the beginning of the job description. It is usually a 5 or 6 digit number.

Browser and version: You can find out which browser you are using and the version number by selecting 'About' in the web browser menu.

Operating system: This is the platform you are using - Windows 7 or iOS, for example.

Description of error: Describe the difficulty you are having.

Screen-shot: If possible please attach an image of the error. On most PCs this can be done by using the CTRL + Print Scrn option.

Steps to replicate: Please describe the steps you took before the error occurred

Best way to contact you: Email or phone number

Contact information: Email address or phone number

Q: I am unable to log-in to the candidate gateway to access my application information.

A: Please ensure you are using the correct username and password. There is a log-in help function underneath the log-in page. If you are still unable to access this please contact our support team.

Candidate Gateway

Q: What is Candidate Gateway?

A: Candidate Gateway is our online portal which allows you to track and manage your applications. You can see what your latest status is, and if you need to it offers an easy way to withdraw your application instantly.

Q: How do I register to Candidate Gateway?

A: Your Candidate Gateway profile is created when you first apply for a position. All applications made after this will then be visible in your Candidate Gateway profile, along with the current status of each. Please note; you must always use the same email address each time you apply, and once added this can not be updated.

Q: How do I log into Candidate Gateway?

A: Candidate Gateway can be accessed from any page on Select the Login link in the top right corner of a page; this will take you to the login screen. Your username and password will then need to be entered, so have these ready before you start.

Q: I’ve forgotten my username and/or password, how do I obtain these?

A: You can retrieve your username or password by selecting Login Help on the login page. To retrieve your username you will need to input your name, and the email address you used when applying. To reset your password enter your username and a new password will be emailed to you. You can then change this once you are logged in.

Q: I’ve not received the email containing my login details.

A: Once your application has successfully been received you will be sent an email containing your username. If you have not received this after 60 minutes of submitting your application please contact our support team.

Q: I have received my username but no password.

A: When you have received your confirmation email click the link provided, taking you to the Candidate Gateway login page. From this page click Login Help, and to receive your password click Retrieve your Password. You will then be sent a generated password, which you can then change once you’re logged in.

Q: How do I withdraw my application?

A: To withdraw your application log into Candidate Gateway. From here you can see all the recent applications you have made, and the current status of these applications. To withdraw an application simply click Withdraw Application. Please note: applications cannot be withdrawn once they have progressed to Interview status.

Q: How can I get an update on my current application(s)?

A: Log into Candidate Gateway to get updates on recent applications. Here you can see the status of an application, and when it was last updated.

Agencies and Suppliers

Q: I am an agency or third-party supplier looking for a contact.

A: This site is for external candidates only. We will not reply to any emails relating to agencies or third-party suppliers through this site. If you are interested in contacting us about supplying goods or services please use the form here.


Q: What if I have a disability that may affect my performance at any stage of the recruitment process?

A: Please let us know about any help you need as soon as possible before any interview or assessment event. We will work with you to make sure this is in place.

Q: Is there an age limit for joining?

A: No. We encourage applications from all age groups. However, you must be at least 16 years old to join us.

Q: Does the company employ people with disabilities?

A: Yes. We are an equal opportunities employer and applications are welcome from all members of the community.

Q: Do you have an upper age limit for applicants?

A: No. We encourage applications from all age groups. However, you must be at least 16 years old to join us.

About RBS

Q: What career prospects can I expect?

A: We offer a wide variety of opportunities in offices and locations around India. If you have the drive, determination and skills to succeed, we have opportunities that will match your goals. Learn more about our approach to career development.

Q: Where can I find out more about RBS?

A: To find out more about RBS visit

Q: What is the working environment like?

A: All our sites have their own unique environment. As part of the selection process you may have the opportunity to visit your place of work and meet your manager and colleagues.

Employee Benefits

Q: Is flexible working offered for all roles?

A: There is no flexible working policy that will suit everyone. So we have developed a package of flexible working options, including part-time working, job sharing, compressed working hours, term-time working, home-working, short and long-term employment breaks. The availability of these options varies across the countries in which we operate. Your Hiring Manager will discuss any options at your face-to-face interview.

Helping you prepare your CV

Q: What should I include in my CV?

A: Here is a guide to creating your CV:

About you
Include your name, your contact numbers and residential address and, if possible, your email address.

Your CV should:

  • Accurately reflect your academic achievements, technical qualifications and experience.
  • Provide details of your highest level of school or technical qualifications, the institution from which you received them, and the dates you studies there.

Your work experience

  • Whether you are applying for your first role, or have substantial work experience, we are interested to know about the skills you have acquired. This is an important part of your CV, so please give time and attention to it.
  • Provide us with details of your role, your achievements and any special projects in which you have been involved with each employer. Be concise – and don't forget to provide examples of the outcomes of these projects.
  • If this is your first role, or you are at an early stage in your career, ensure you include details of any extra-curricular activities and work experience, to help us get to know you better.

Please review your CV to ensure it contains your essential information and makes you a great fit for the role for which you have applied.

Q: What do I need to know about the application process?

A: If you are applying for a job online, it's likely we will receive many applications, so consider the ways your application will grab our attention.

  • Think about the requirements of the role for which you are applying. You will be asked to confirm you have the 'right to work' in the country where the vacancy is based. This requirement is mandatory.
  • Think about your skills and experience and how they match the role. This will make it much more likely you'll get short-listed for interview.
  • We advise against applying for lots of different jobs at the same time. You need to ensure that every application you make is focused and receives the attention needed to succeed.
  • Read the instructions carefully. One of the most common reasons for an application being rejected is a failure to give all the information needed. We may come back to you for missing or incomplete information, but it's advisable to check through your application and ensure you have provided everything for which we have asked.
  • Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Online application forms often restrict the number of words you can use, so it pays to be as clear and succinct as possible.
  • If you are asked to do so, please make sure you upload your CV
  • And finally, don't forget to check the closing date. If you miss the application deadline we will not be able to consider your application.

It's a good idea to keep a record of any reference numbers you are given for specific job applications.

Helping you prepare for interviews

Q: How can I prepare for a face-to-face interview?

A: When you're invited to an interview, it is likely to involve a visit to one of our offices. The focus will be on your past experiences and accomplishments, as well as your suitability for a role with us.

Throughout the interview we will be looking for the qualities and characteristics needed for the role. Interviews may take different forms, depending on the role you for which you have applied, and the stage of the selection process. We will ensure you have more details when we invite you for an interview.

Interviews usually last about an hour and involve one interviewer although, through the selection process, you may well be interviewed by other people.

How to prepare:

  • Do your homework. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the company, the job for which you have applied for and the business area in which the role is based. Familiarise yourself with our products and the places we do business.
  • Research our competitors. The more you know about us, the better prepared and confident you will be in the interview.
  • Review your CV and application. Think about the questions we will be asking you and which experiences you want to share. All interviewers will ask questions related to the job for which you have applied, and some may include questions about key behaviours and qualities. We will tell you what we are looking for, so that you can prepare specific examples of experiences or situations in which you have been involved and demonstrate your abilities. Review the job description. Why are you interested in the role? Why do you think you are a good fit? What do you have to offer us? What success stories do you want to share?
  • Make the most of the interview process. If you can, find out who you will be meeting, and their role. We want to ensure our interviews are a two-way process, and an opportunity for you to find out more about us, the role and whether we are the right company for you. Think about any questions you might want to ask.
  • Don't forget the basics. Bring a copy of your CV and application. Know the dress code and wear something appropriate. Maintain good eye contact with your interviewer and look interested – body language makes a difference! Make sure you know where your interview will be held and allow plenty of time to get there. Don't forget to let us know if you are unable to attend, or if you are running late. Have a good sleep the night before and try to be as relaxed as possible to show yourself at your best!

Above all, be yourself. We strive to find new and better ways of doing things and look for people who are motivated, want to be challenged and are genuinely interested in joining us. Remember, we want you to do well at the interview.

Q: What happens at interview stage?

A: If you are invited to an interview, you will have the opportunity to describe your experiences and capabilities in more detail. The interview will usually be face-to-face in our offices and will typically be with one of our recruitment team or a line manager. The questions we ask will vary, but typically we will explore your abilities (we define these as competencies), your technical skills and background (based on your qualifications and work experience) and the reasons for your interest in working with us.

Q: Who can I contact with questions about my interview?

A: The recruitment team or hiring manager will be able to answer any questions you have about your interview at the time the interview is arranged. If for any reason you are unable to contact the recruitment team please contact our support team.

Q: What if I need to cancel my interview?

A: Please call the recruitment team or hiring manager in the first instance. This will ensure we can re-arrange the appointment for you quickly if required. If for any reason you are unable to contact the recruitment please contact our support team.

Helping you prepare for assessment centres

Q: Do I have to go through an assessment centre?

A: For certain roles we use assessment centres as part of the selection process. They are usually used in the final stage of the recruitment process and are designed to reflect the demands of the role and the qualities we need. We will provide you with specific information on what to expect and how the event is structured.

Q: What is an assessment centre?

A: It's an event which usually involves a number of candidates undertaking a range of exercises, observed by different assessors. Assessment centres usually last a day, but can be half a day or two days, depending on the nature and seniority of the role. It is important to remember we are not assessing the performance of the group but you as an individual. Everyone is assessed on their own merits.

Q: Why do we use assessment centres?

A: Assessment centres are one of the most effective ways to form a view on whether or not someone is a good fit for a role. They also provide you with a sense of what is involved in the role. We use them because making the right decision is really important to us.

Q: What's in it for me?

A: As with our other selection methods, it's helpful to view the assessment centre as a two-way process:

  • You will have the opportunity to experience a range of activities that tell you more about our business, and allow you to ensure the role for which you are applying is right for you.
  • The process allows you to demonstrate your full range of skills and personal qualities and why you are a good fit for the role.
  • You have the chance to be seen by more than one person, making the overall process fairer to you.
  • By meeting other candidates and a range of our people from RBS, you will have an insight into what it is like to work here.
Q: What happens at an assessment centre?

A: Assessment centres usually involve several exercises. These may include interviews, group discussions, presentations, role plays or business case studies. There may also be written exercises and psychometric tests (designed to provide a measure of your mental abilities). In general, we design exercises to reflect the demands of the role. We will provide you with more information on your event and what we are measuring.

Q: How do I prepare for an assessment centre?

A: The best advice is to be yourself. Most exercises will provide you with some preparation time on the day and will not involve any pre-work. However, there may be some assessment centres that require you to complete work in advance. If we have told you that psychometric tests are involved it may be a good idea to remind yourself how to complete basic calculations. There are also lots of example tests online, which will give you the opportunity to practice.


Q: I have received a direct email with an offer of employment and a request for some personal information from The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Is this normal procedure?

A: We never send emails asking for personal information, nor ask for payment or make offers of employment unless you are involved in a structured recruitment process. If you have concerns at any time about any branded communications you have received, please contact the recruitment team or hiring manager.

Here are some common signs of recruitment fraud:

  1. Emails will often include our name and logo without authority (usually the logo is of a poor quality).
  2. The name of a genuine recruitment or agency website may be used to make the scam appear more credible.
  3. Recipients are often asked to contact other companies or professionals, such as lawyers, barristers, immigration officials or travel agencies.
  4. Emails often originate from free web-based email accounts such as,,, and
  5. Job offers will often be very generous with favourable terms and conditions, such as a personal driver, paid accommodation and a high salary.
  6. Be especially cautious if these emails contain attachments or the following telephone numbers as these are often charged at premium rate: UK: + 44-70xx, Netherlands: + 31-6xx, Spain: + 34-6xx, Belgium: + 32-4xx, South Africa: + 27-7x or + 27-8x, Nigeria: + 234-80x.

Do not enter into any correspondence with the sender, nor give them your personal details or send payment of any kind. Contact the police if you believe you have been the victim of recruitment fraud. Further information is available at

Q: Will I need to wear a uniform? Is there a dress code?

A: This will depend on the role for which you have applied. Most of our branch-based, customer-facing roles mean wearing a uniform which will be supplied. However, please check with the recruitment team when you are invited for an interview.

Making a complaint

Q: What if I am not happy with any element of the recruitment process?

A: If you have any feedback on our recruitment process, please contact our recruitment team with your comments.

We take your feedback seriously, and aim to respond to e-mails within five working days.

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