Giving Back

We’re passionate about giving back, and proud to be an active member of the communities we work with.

Through the RBS Foundation India (RBSFI) we promote social, environmental and economic equity by building the capacities of the poorest and most excluded communities. These communities are directly dependent on resources from forests and other ecosystems for their survival. Rapid environment degradation, loss of biodiversity and loss of entitlement have enhanced their vulnerability over time.

RBSFI implements the Supporting Enterprise Programme that is designed to reduce these vulnerabilities through economic integration with a dedicated focus on women, youth and farmers. The programme promotes activities to ensure food security, develop financial awareness and mitigate the risks inherent to their livelihoods.

Since 2007, RBSFI have benefitted over 124,000 families residing in 1011 villages across 13 states.

Hear more about the RBS Foundation India in the short video below.

Getting Involved

Our people are essential to making these projects work, and through our flagship volunteering programme, colleagues across all our locations have the chance to get involved, while developing new skills and learning about issues such as climate change and sustainable development.

We take a strategic approach to engaging our people with social causes. Our aim is to promote individual social responsibility, and to create culture where people have the opportunity to learn and contribute.

We’re incredibly proud of everything the foundation has already achieved, and we’re always working towards a brighter future.

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