Baljinder Singh

As part of a team extension model, The RHI Controls Assurance team provides independent and centralised testing on the adequacy and effectiveness of Credit and Market Risk key controls.

Meet Baljinder Singh

"I currently manage the Controls Assurance team, based in Gurgaon, providing controls assurance to Market Risk, Credit Risk and Operational Risk. I also manage the Second Line of Defence and compliance with relevant group policies, testing and certifying the adequacy and effectiveness of SOX and regulatory and key internal controls. My responsibility extends to the identification of control weakness and failures across the risk functions, and developing the risk and control framework around it.

I find the RBS environment very supportive, encouraging, and customer-centric, giving me the opportunity to stretch myself. I manage a complicated and extensive list of stakeholders, thanks to the training programmes, which have helped me build my domain knowledge and customer relationship management. Working with colleagues across India and the UK has also given me a unique chance to engage with people of different cultures on a daily basis, giving me truly global work experience.

The thing that inspires me most about RBS, is the culture of learning at work. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to understand the big picture, and really get under the skin of why I do what I do. RBS has equipped me with all the skills I need to be great at my job, be it through technical up-skilling, such as SOX training, or guidance and growth, gained through working with a diverse set of people with immense knowledge across various geographies. A believer in life-long learning, I also find time to pursue other passions, including professional certifications, such as CMA (Chartered Management Accountant), which will help me in my professional life and as a leader.

I truly appreciate the flexi-working policies here. They're more than just an idea, they're really practiced. Work timings have allowed me to plan and get the most out of my time. On a typical day, I like to spend time with my family and play one of many sports, such as tennis, cricket and swimming. We have a very inclusive work culture in RBS. Individuals are encouraged to have honest and open conversations with their line managers. Lots of fun activities take place all year round. Various people have stayed with RBS for over 10 years, which shows that it is a great place to work!"

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