Bengaluru: a metropolis of digital innovation.

Bengaluru is India’s fifth largest and fastest growing city. It boasts the highest concentration of IT companies in the country, and has been at the forefront of India’s IT and start-up revolution for the past decade.

Bengaluru is one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in India, and is a melting pot of cultures. Being a newer city, dating back only as far as the British Raj, what it lacks in historical sights, it makes up for with mild climates, a burgeoning pub, café and restaurant scene, and warm hospitable locals.

Our RBS Bengaluru office accompanies a wealth of other digital companies, resulting in the area being coined the Silicon Valley of India.

Our Bengaluru colleagues walk us through the perks of working in this modern and brilliant city.

Careers in Bengaluru

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