Data & Analytics Analyst SCS

Gurugram, India

Join us as a Data Analyst

  • In this crucial role, you will be working on analyzing large volumes of data and extracting valuable insights from them that align with and benefit our business
  • You will be capturing and documenting our data requirements for the bank and making sure they adhere to key strategic principles
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills as a data analyst professional since you will get the chance to develop high-level operating business models and showcase your professional expertise by helping the bank grow overall

What You'll Do

As a Data Analyst for the bank, you will be identifying problems in our data pipeline and creating solutions that resolve them.

We will look to you for professional expertise and guidance on matters related to sorting through our data, validating business goals, and for resolving any challenges we run into during the growth process.

Your day-to-day activities in this role will include:

  • Providing inputs into our analytics models and improvising them
  • Extracting data, mining for key insights, and processing information from multiple data domains
  • Linking business requirements with the new changes being implemented via analytics outputs
  • Managing and prioritizing your projects, ensuring high-quality work is delivered in a timely manner
  • Interacting with various stakeholders and making sure that the project results meet their expectations

The Skills You'll Need

As a Data Analyst for the bank, we require that you have a strong background in Business Analytics and are familiarized with the latest industry-standard tools and techniques.

We require you have the following skills:

  • Be able to influence stakeholders and have strong communication skills
  • Ability to use your professional skills to meet our analytics requirements for the bank
  • Knowledge of Big Data in your own niche and across wider domains
  • A drive to excel and ensure quality assurance throughout the various stages of projects
  • Have completed all mandatory training and accreditations that are applicable to your role

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